Health Promotion Practice Special Focus Issue: Food Sovereignty as a Path to Healthy Equity for Indigenous Communities
Podcast Series highlighting articles published as part of the focus issue

Dr. Valarie Bluebird Jernigan introduces the concept of Indigenous research and explores how to propose, conduct, and disseminate Indigenous research within Indigenous communities.

Native Americans have some of the highest rates of Type 2 diabetes. Dr. Valarie Blue Bird Jernigan of Oklahoma’s Choctaw Nation ties this to conditions on reservations, and is improving Native health by “taking back our ability to grow our own foods.”

This presentation was made at the Third Annual Conference on Native American Nutrition on October 4, 2018, in Prior Lake, Minnesota. The conference series brings together tribal officials, researchers, practitioners, and others to discuss the current state of Indigenous and academic scientific knowledge about Native nutrition and food science, and identify new areas of work.

Dr. Valarie Blue Bird Jernigan speaks about Sovereignty Through Nutrition at OSU Center for Sovereign Nations’ Sovereignty Speaks ©.