Indigenous Supported Agriculture (ISA)


The Go Healthy project began in Fall 2021. This five-year study builds upon our eight-year CBPR partnership with Osage Nation and will implement a new Indigenous supported agriculture (ISA) program in which Osage citizens will receive a weekly share of freshly grown farm produce for four months.


The produce will be sourced from Harvest Land, a farm owned and operated by the tribe. Along with the ISA program, Osage citizens will receive culturally-tailored nutrition and cooking education. CSAs have improved diet and health in non-Native American (NA) populations and are evidence-based strategies recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Institute of Medicine to reduce health disparities. This will be the first randomized controlled trial of an ISA program to be conducted in the NA population.

Funding Information

Sponsor: National Institute on Minority Health and Health Disparities
Grant Number: R01MD016191
Principal Investigator: Dr. Valarie Blue Bird Jernigan, DrPH, MPH